God Bless You in 2020!!!

Happy 2020!!!😋 What BETTER A TIME; than in entering a NEW year AND decade.. To pause and give due thanks to our LORD Jesus!!! NO MATTER your circumstances (we all have 'em)..

If you woke UP this morning??


If you have a ROOF over your head; & food on your table... Then you have yet ANOTHER GREAT REASON for giving praise to Jesus!!

If you walked outside; or looked out your window to see/hear birds chirping, squirrels running, trees swaying, (aka the GREATEST SHOW on EARTH!!!), then there AGAIN - you have yet ANOTHER GREAT REASON for giving praise to Jesus!!

I wanna issue you a #CHALLENGEin2020.. To set aside a little time EACH DAY; to spend time with Jesus EACH morning in 2020!! If you'll do this - you will find your joy ALOT FULLER in the coming days!! I tell you! Try it (and you'll be HOOKED!) NOTHING is as satisfying as waking up to another day talking with God; and/or just BEING in His sweet, awesome, WONDERFUL WORD!!

If you're a non-believer and would like to KNOW the LORD our Creator?? Then I would consider it AN HONOR to introduce you to Him; and to a PHENOMENAL

future.. just click here!!

When you are in a circumstance or situation that is distressing; I know via experience that, that is THE LAST THING you FEEL like doing... BUT, I CAN SAY WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE - PRAISING JESUS WILL GET YOU OUTTA ANY SITUATION YOU'RE IN!! Try it; and see for yourself what I am saying!!

***REMEMBER; YOUR PRAISE TO GOD - IS NO ONE'S PRAISE BUT GOD'S!! So GET LOST IN IT!! Whether your in your home; or in church... PRAISE JESUS LIKE HE IS THE ONLY ONE IN THE ROOM; because I can GUARANTEE YOU that HE IS!!! ~ Psalm 22:3!!

Happy NEW YEAR 2020!!!... As we begin a new year; AND decade.. 🙏 My prayer is that you are BLESSED HEARTILY of THE LORD!!! May HE make HIS face to shine upon you & give you favor!! 🙏

...& REMEMBER to BLESS the LORD with ALL that is IN you!!!

ALSO - check out this AWESOMELY COOL video from YouTube'er, Eirik Solheim.. A year time-lapse!! Amazing how His Majesty comes on FULL display in this video... & again; GOD BLESS!! 🖖

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