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(one of the twelve sons of Israel)..



GAD; (Hebrew: גָּד), was born 1564 BC, in Paddan-aram, (Heran); (modern day southeastern Turkey).. The seventh son of Jacob, in the line of 12.  He (obviously), was the founder of the Israelite, Tribe of Gad.  One of the 12..

Gad; was amongst what I call; the silent children of Israel.  Thus - the 'ol saying 'well behaved men/women, never make history'... Then becomes true with Mister Gad!  There are rumors innuendos (as with every son of Israel), but I am not interested in rumors/opinions!  There is a plethora on google!!  I have ALWAYS thought it sad that folks argue over rumors & innuendo!  What a waste of time!  Especially when it can't be proven either way; and was likely started by someones BIG 'OL IMAGINATION..  Be THAT as it may..  Gad's blessing??  Short and sweet...

T Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last. ~Genesis 49:19

Gad is entombed in Rehovot, Israel (or Ain Al-Jadur, Jordan)...  See his tomb, here.. 


He, purportedly, lived 125 years

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