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Peter was crucified at Rome with his head downwards, as he himself had desired to suffer saying - 'I am unworthy of dying the way my Lord & Master, The Christ did.'
**NEW - have a gander at Peter's sword! Maybe the 
same used to cut the guards ear off.  Very cool!!

Simon Peter

If ever there WAS a Saint, with a relentless abandon & hair trigger for Christ, alllbeit a 'foot-shaped-mouth?  Simon Peter was it!! 
He was the one who, when the Roman soldiers came for Christ... Cut off one of the soldiers ears.  He was the one & only who thought with his head before his heart.  He was the most daring and 'out there' of all disciples, & 'the one' if ever there was - that Jesus took the most compassion on, & that frustrated Jesus the most.. Jesus telling Peter once to "get behind Me, Satan!' After Peter suggested He need NOT go to the cross.  Jesus telling him, 'your not about My Fathers business. (Thinking like that.'  If I 'haaad' to pick a favorite of Jesus' disciples - it's DEFINATLY Peter, (after John).  Many agree - including the Catholic church (pssh) who made him their first Pope (after killing him, ugh) - & has him re-buried at Saint Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican in Rome.  Visit the Vatican on the right day, & heyy, view Peter's ashes.. Mmhmm!
He was born Shimon (Simeon, Simon), circa 1 AD.. in Bethsaida, Gaulanitis, Syria, (amidst the Roman Empire).  Before becoming the vibrant, on fire, disciple of Christ - he was a fisherman by trade.  A well-to-do fisherman.  He had been a VERY successful fisherman in Capernaum (very cool aerial/drone photo of Capernaum..) You can see the arena-like structure to the left? Marks the spot where Peter's house once stood, and foundation still remains - underneath the structure..  Wanna see Peter's statue in Capernaum?? Hellouu!  It was here - whilst cleaning his fishing nets  that Christ spotted him, & said those faithful words... 'follow Me, & I'll make you a 'fisher of men!'  I don't think that has 'ever'  been emphasized & examined enough.  This was Jesus' VERY FIRST disciple!!  When Jesus said the famed words, 'follow Me, & I'll make you a 'fisher of men!' He was speaking to a man whom wasn't just out there fishing for fun - He was speaking to a man whom had a VERY successful fishing business.. With business partners (as is emphasized when Jesus told him 'let down your nets' & fish were breaking his net - he called to (his business partner) to help him & his men with the load of fish.  So when scripture says - he left & followed Jesus - he left it ALL!!  SUCCESSFUL business & men.. (ALL) of it behind.  Now imagine you 'DIDN'T' know what you know now and someone.. (Keep in mind that Jesus hadn't yet started His ministry yet nor had performed any miracles)...  Came by your biz that YOU owned & told you to..'follow Him & be a fisher of men.'  I aim to say ANYONE (that's HONEST) would have some reservations.  Did Peter??  If so - there was NO showing it!  Peter was a risk taker!  He is the one who told Jesus when they saw Him walking on the water.. 'if it be You Lord, bid me to come.'  When Jesus said.. 'COME' - Peter 'WENT.'  It's among the things that makes Peter my favorite disciple, (after John)!!  BTW - Whereas - it was once the place where Simon Peter sailed out in his fishing business - nowadays - it's home to a fishing restaurant bearing Peter's name & all!!
He lived here (this is how it looked before a church was built on top of it).. The Catholic church built a church on the property of Peter to preserve what is left.  Remarkable to see Peter's old home.. Especially with the 'knowing' that Jesus Himself (GOD) spent the night MULTIPLE times here!!  From on the Sea of Galilee, this is the view of Peter's house.
Jesus taught in this 'back of Peter's house' synagogue.  Another shot... aaand another!  Some argue that because of the mis-alignment of this 'gogue - there used to be another one UNDER the current one - and THAT was THE synagogue that Jesus taught at.  Those reports have YET to be founded though - so for now - that theory remains UN-founded.
While in Capernaum.. In Luke 7.. Where Jesus brings the widows son back to life??  Here is where that happened!
After Jesus was crucified & resurrected - it happened that the disciples were on the sea, and saw Jesus on the shore cooking fish for them, laying the fish on the rock?  This was the rock.
Peter was crucified upside down, as per his request, of not being worthy of being crucified the same way as his Lord Jesus.  He is buried at the Vatican in Rome in the building named after him.  You can't get too close to his tomb.. Thank God for zoomies ;)
Rest in AWESOME peace Simon Peter.. Your example is one that we should learn from & ALL follow!!
BTW - if your not at the Vatican on the right day to see (Simon) Peter's purported ashes??  Maybe you can be blessed enough to see his purported fibula (it's on tour from time to time as well!!).. Mmmhmm.. They 'did' it.. FoSho'll!! ;)
Also... Wanna see the jail cell that once held (Simon) Peter??  Another?  Aaand another...
Aand.. According to tradition, St. Paul was beheaded the same day St. Peter was crucified. 
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