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The book of the genealogy
of Jesus Christ ~ Matt 1:1
Matthew... From tax-collector, to saint.. 👍 #Whatatransition!   Especially if you know how much tax-collectors were HATED by the Jews.  They grouped them in with DOGS (and WOMEN).. Mmkay?!😐 Not kidding!🤨 I am SERIOUS!😐
The 'default' (if you will..) prayer by Jews, was...
"Dear God - I thank You that I'm not a Gentile, a tax-collector, a woman, or a dog!  Amen!!  
Ishh - BRUTAL!! A little..
Mmbut, there you have it, fosho! 👍
Matthew: This Apostle, (Hebrew: מַתִּתְיָהוּ‎ Mattityahu or מתי Matt, متى Arabic "Gift of YHVH"; Greek: Μαθθαῖος, romanized: Maththaîos; Coptic: ⲙⲁⲧⲑⲉⲟⲥ), who was also called Levi, and had Galilee as his homeland. A publican before being called by Christ, he became one of the Twelve Apostles, and an Evangelist.  
Matthew holds quite a few firsts!  His book is first in the New Testament, & also being the first of all the disciples, to write the Gospel.  Also - while still in Palestine, he wrote his Gospel first in Hebrew,
Here is HIS story...
Matthew was born as Levi, (presumably in Galilee, which was not part of Judea or the Roman Iudaea province).. The son of Alphaeus, & no doubt - a MAJOR 'partier'... Why?  Well I can surmise that because on the day Jesus called him as a disciple - he threw a blowout party that night!!  (What the Jews called, a feast..)   I can just imagine that convo...😂🤣
Matthew:  "Hey Jesus!! HEY!! I'm throwing a party tonight at my pad, and, and - YOU GOTTA COME!!  I've told all my friends about You, and they can't wait to meet You!"
What did Jesus say?? "Uhh, well??  Geez - yah know - I would like to Matthew.. I REALLY would.. But there are prolly gonna be other tax-collectors, loud music there, and beer, & alot of sinning.." 
Jesus said: "GNARLEY!  Right ON!  I'm SO there!!"  (Matt 9:10; That's the Amplified version fo yah!😆😉) 
ESPECIALLY JUST FOR YOU.Trumpet of Truth Ministries with evangelist Jimmy Miller..  (Yeah - I'll give you a plug.. Why not? 🙄) 
This guy, Jimmy, (Bless his heart).. does a good thing - but is testy!!  Doesn't matter if it's a fact or not with him! 
He wanted to argue with me that Jesus never hung out with sinners!!  Some people "DIE HARD!"  Even when I put Matthew 9:11 in his face!!  STILL!!  Wanted to argue that Jesus never hung out with sinners!!  🙄  I think his beard has gone to his brain!   FoSho!  
I digress, mmbut - back to the man of the hour, Mister Matthew... 
Not too much is known, though MUCH is speculated, about his early life.. Levi (or Matthew) was a 1st-century Galilean , the son of Alphaeus.  As a tax collector he would have been literate in Aramaic and Greek.  Whether or not this played a role in Jesus picking him, is unclear..😉 His fellow Jews would have despised him for what was seen as collaborating with the Roman occupation force as a tax-collector.. So I'm pretty sure that IMO, Jesus KNEW he'd have some rough & tough & buff skin, already!!  Heeyyy - in the remarkable words of C.S. Lewis.. "If your looking for a religion to make you feel comfy and cozy~ I DON'T recommend Christianity!" 👍 And he is right too!!  TOOO MANY Christian's (or people who THINK they are), just AINT doin' it right!!  WAAY too many!! 
The Gospel of Matthew, o'course, is anonymous: the author is not named within the text, (as with John, Peter, Luke, etc..) and the superscription "according to Matthew" was added some time in the second century.  C'mon folks!! We OVERTHINK things out the WAZOO!  Common sense tells you... 'Twas Matthew the disciple, baby!'  Most ALL Theologians agree on this.  In the 3rd-century Jewish–Christian gospels attributed to Matthew were used by Jewish–Christian groups such as the Nazarenes and Ebionites...
Heyy - wanna take a gander of a piece of Matthew's snazzy attire??  No doubt, he was a sharp dresser for the time period!! 😉👍
The New Testament records that as a disciple, he followed Jesus, and was one of the witnesses to the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus, on the Mt. of Olives.. (the footprint purportedly, marks da spot!  Loving the tip-bowl, mmbytheway 😂)  (But anyhoo.. REALLY? HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! I'd have LOVED to've been there!!👍)
Afterwards, the disciples withdrew to an upper room (Acts 1:10–14)  Traditionally - the Cenacle, in Jerusalem.  Also the purported place/room, of the Last Supper.  Cool stuff!! 
 The disciples remained in, & out, and around Jerusalem (& surrounding lands), and were the 1st to preach & teach Jesus, as the promised Messiah.
Matthew died in 74 AD.. & was entombed, here, in Salerno Cathedral, Salerno, Italy..  Outside??  Video below.. courtesy Biblical friend, w channel, Heliotropiummo1
R.I.P. Matthew!!  I have written EVERY word down from your book (so I didn't miss a word!)  Your example is one everyone could take a GREAT lesson from!!  Can't wait to meet you and hug your neck, some sweet day!!
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