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The name Ezekiel means 'God's Strength'
LONG before he dispensed the round of ingredients for the bread that 'brands his name'.. (& that Pat Robertson professes to religiously eat on a morning to morning basis)..  He was a prophet that lived up to his names meaning!!  (See above!)  
Ezekiel was amongst the 1st wave of Israelites taken captive during the Babylonian raid of Jerusalem.. Just 5 years shy of his 30th birthday, whereby he would have been confirmed and installed as a priest in Jerusalem!!  No doubt, he was thinking 'POO,' during that roundup!!  His book starts as he is sitting on the banks of the Chebar River, in Tel Abib.. (which is modern day Iraq - and not far from that infidel, Saddam insane Hussein's  old palace..)  He sees - what he describes as, 'the appearance of the likeness, of the glory of the Lord.'  Ezekiel's energy, wit, & theatrical satire.. Made him most definitely amongst the most strange, bizzare, albeit - UNIQUE of all the prophets.  That said???  Also, however, amongst the most important...
The Prophet Ezekiel, was born possibly c. 622 BCE, in Jerusalem, Israel..
From a VERY early age - he was regarded as an odd, albeit very unique and important prophet!!  His prophetic style normally involved going out on these streets of Jerusalem, and 'strangely,' acting out the prophecies that he received!!  Whereas most prophets would not cut corners, but deliver their prophecies with no qualms about who it offended.. They (i.e. Samuel, Isaiah, Nathan, etc), were BLUNT, FORCEFUL, and RIGHT TO THE POINT!!   Whereas, Ezekiel's prophecies were 'acted out,' via what was referred to as 'street theater.'  Examples include, acting out his visions/prophecies by way of bizarre behaviors, and usually in parables.. Making those around him ""THINK"" about it!!  His style of 'street theater prophecy, however, doesn't seem to be unusual in the prophets of those days.. As we read in ACTS 21:10, when Paul was visiting James, and a 'street theater prophet' named Agabus "came down from Judea, and  coming to us.. Took Paul's belt & bound his own feet and hands and said (to Paul).. "Thus says the Holy Spirit,"  "This is how the Jews at Jerusalem will bind the man who owns this belt and deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles,"
One one occasion - building a small model of Jerusalem- then staging an attack on it (symbolizing the Babylonian attack - that hadn't yet happened)..  Another time, he shaved off all his hair, then began chopping it up with his sword (symbolizing Israel's disregard for God, and the threshing of His WORD.  Yet - another time, (and prolly MOST extreme)..  Laying tied up on the ground for near a year - playing the role of a scapegoat on the day of Atonement.. Whilst laying on his side  that year,, Eating food cooked over "dung" (symbolizing the nasty food Israelites would eat during the siege of Jerusalem.  All this was made worse by the fact the God had told him, no one would listen to him..  Which might explain the reasons he went to great lengths to convey his prophetic visions!!  As 'street theater,' goes.. Nowadays - no telling HOW many Oscars he would have amassed by now!!!  He prolly would have broke a record by now!  No DOUBT pissing off the Hollywood elite!  I'm just sayin!  There is no mention of him having any offspring.
Anyway - we see NO comment from his wife..
Ezekiel was Ezekiel, with a heart totally submitted to God!!  Plain and simple!!  When you have a heart yielded to God (and not yourself) - He uses it  - NO MATTER your quirks!!  Ezekiel's message to Israel was 'YOU MORONS (k-that was me, srry).. God has a baad judgement if your ways do not change (and in fact - may be too late!!)  And ALSO on that of God's judgement of the nations!!
VERY COOL!!  This stone purportedly contains the Prophet Ezekial's siggy!!  Pottery from Ezekiel's time.
Ezekiel describes his calling to be a prophet by going into great detail about his encounter with God and four "living creatures" with four wheels that stayed beside the creatures.  For the next five years he incessantly prophesied and acted out the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple, which was met with some opposition. However, Ezekiel and his contemporaries like Jeremiah, another prophet who was living in Jerusalem at that time, witnessed the fulfillment of their prophecies with the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians. After Babylonian captivity.. Ezekiel and the wifey lived on the banks of the Chebar River, in Tel Abib.. 
On the hypothesis that the "thirtieth year" of Ezekiel 1:1 refers to Ezekiel's age, Ezekiel was fifty years old when he had his final vision.  On the basis of dates given in the Book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel's span of prophecies can be calculated to have occurred over the course of about 22 years.  The last dated words of Ezekiel date to April 570 BCE.  According to Jewish tradition, & Wiki... Ezekiel did not write his own book, the Book of Ezekiel, but rather his prophecies were collected and written by the Men of the Great Assembly..
The Prophet Ezekiel died possibly c. 570 BCE (aged 51–52).. And is entombed, here, in Al Kifl, Iraq...  And hur's da crypt!!
R.I.P Ezekiel!!  If one were to follow your example of what a heart "SHOULD" be towards God.. BLESSED that one would BE!!
See Michelangelo's cool painting of Ezek on the Sistine Chapel ceiling??

Ezekiel 43-45 ???  Bible scholars will appriciate!!

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