the Prophet


Ahhh - the prophet Elijah.. Of all the Prophets in The Bible.. Elijah is amongst my TOP FAVORITE!!  His devotion to God is one to DEFINITELY be admired!  His life shows what a God first, God centered, God MENTORED life, will do for you.  It means protection from enemies, respect from fellow humans (oor in the case of Elisha.. mayyybe not from taunting of bratty teens - mmbut, that is when we call a curse from heaven onto them & a bear will maul them..😉 JUST KIDDING; NOWADAYS, we bless those who curse us.. NOT as pleasant, but there it is), and a walking, talking devine favor upon your life!!  As a kid.. Church bored me for the most part... Unless it was a sermon by myself of course! 😉 j/k (If you KNOW the story of Elijah, you KNOW what I am talking about!) But whenever the pastor talked about or spoke of Elijah??  I was all ears, perked up, and attention straight ahead!!  One of my ALL TIME favorite songs is by Rich Mullins, entitled 'Elijah'.. If you haven't heard it??  You should!  It's powerful.. & now?  Thanks to us living in a digi-age.. alas..