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Ahhh - the prophet Elijah.. Of all the Prophets in The Bible.. Elijah is amongst my TOP FAVORITE!!  His devotion to God is one to DEFINITELY be admired!  His life shows what a God first, God centered, God MENTORED life, will do for you.  It means protection from enemies, respect from fellow humans (oor in the case of Elisha.. mayyybe not from taunting of bratty teens - mmbut, that is when we call a curse from heaven onto them & a bear will maul them..😉 JUST KIDDING; NOWADAYS, we bless those who curse us.. NOT as pleasant, but there it is), and a walking, talking devine favor upon your life!!  As a kid.. Church bored me for the most part... Unless it was a sermon by myself of course! 😉 j/k (If you KNOW the story of Elijah, you KNOW what I am talking about!) But whenever the pastor talked about or spoke of Elijah??  I was all ears, perked up, and attention straight ahead!!  One of my ALL TIME favorite songs is by Rich Mullins, entitled 'Elijah'.. If you haven't heard it??  You should!  It's powerful.. & now?  Thanks to us living in a digi-age.. alas.. 

Elijah (the song)..

Elijah (the song)..

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Rich Mullins was a man with an unseeen Godly talent for music!!  I've never heard a song by him - that I DIDN'T love.  MmmBUT - Without further ado.. Elijah's story! 

The Prophet Elijah, (or Elías).. (Hebrew: אֵלִיָּהוּ, Eliyahu, meaning "My God is Yahweh'] (NOT to be confuzzled with EliSha FoSho), was born & lived... Though not much is known of his childhood... Except for his brief description as being a "Tishbite." 


Elijah is first mentioned in Scriptures when he declares to King Ahab (Jezebel's husband.. I'm sure he appreciates that HER legacy outshines HIS.. especially considering her legacy isn't AT ALL good!).. that a severe drought would begin immediately to test Israel and the King's leadership. “Elijah … said to Ahab, ‘As the LORD God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word’” (1 Kings 17:1)... 


God performed MANY miracles through Elijah.. The first being the one just mentioned where God withheld rain for 3½ years. This would bring severe famine throughout the kingdom. The purpose of this punishment was to bring the nation to repentance of its idolatry.  God favored Elijah highly.. So highly that - if you ticked him off??  You'd get the squish.. Just like the grape.  Elijah, not to be confused (as I did for years), with Elisha the Prophet.  "Eli-sha", was "Elijah's" INseparable, ((I MEAN THAT!! INSEPARABLE) apprentice & "Elisha's" story is to be coming soon! 

Elijah lived in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.. here, marks the swath of a spot, (or area whereof) where Elijah 'reportedly' stayed/lived.  The period in which Elijah lived was infested with worshipers of Bale.. the false god.  Elijah, thus, was tasked with the job of inviting those who worshiped the false god - to repent & turn to the TRUE God!  At one point, Elijah challenged the prophets of Bale, here!!.. Located on Mount CarmelHere's the sign (with 'Holy' obviously spelled 'wrong.')  This would be THE purported place where the prophets of Bale were challenged.. & where Elijah called fire down from Heaven.  There is a pretty cool statue in the area of the Prophet Elijah.. The original alter is 'long gone', but THIS one is built on the same spot as where 'THE' altar of Elijah was found.  This being in a church built on-spot.  The coolness of the sanctuary echo's, "what are you doing here, Elijah?"  The hole in the front there was the purported spot where Elijah heard "what are you doing here, Elijah?".. from God.


The cave, now called 'Elijah's cave', (or grotto) where he lay down & prayed to die after being threatened by Jezebel.  Also the 'cave', where Elijah prayed for rain..  The place has been preserved pretty well.. all in all (considering there's money to be made - as with ANY tourist spot.)  'O-course..

The 'cave' has an AWESOME photo on the wall of the tomb of Elijah.. Taken around c 1880.. Verily coolio!  Posthumous, of course, due to the fact, that Elijah has YET to DIE!!  Remember - the Lord took Elijah in a whirlwind..


His death will take place on the street," as mentioned in Revelation.  SOO - NO tomb pics!  Great MEMORIAL though, however!!

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