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Church?? YESS! or ISSsshh!?!

Isn't it amazing?? ..& I speak of some churches?? Lately... & I am not ""yet""" quite sure why.. But I feel I am being led by God to head to some churches on the mountain that I live on.. These are churches I would "NEVER" go to on my own... So faar - I been to a Baptist, Church of God, Presbyterian, Catholic, & up next.. He (I feel), is sending me to a Methodist to round it out. I am HOPING and PRAYING that He will NOT lead me to a 'Mormon" church. Just out of the rumors you may never 'get out' alone... JUST KIDDIN' (if your a Mormon).. I dunno - Jehovah's witnesses..hmmph.. I guess I have always seen them as a 'cult.' Their whole process is just weird.. But I think religion in GENERAL is weirdo like McPherdo! Have you ever stopped to think.. MMmkay - there is BUT ONLY ONE CHRIST.. Yet there are like 7 different denominations representing Him?? ALLLL with their OWN doctrines and ALL are 'nearly' of the manmade (or BORDERLINE manmade doctrine.) And ANY doctrine (that is NOT of God?) Is NOT good... AT ALL!!

And are they really ALLLL that BORING?!?!?

Some churches you walk in on Sundays.. And you'd think they handed out sleepy pills to parishioners.. & folks? If that is the case?? That church aint doing it right!!! AT ALL!! If I have described your Church?? Don't walk.. RUN outta that place!! Church should be a place that you can't WAIT to get to! Church should be a manifestation of The Holy Spirits precious anointing EACH and EVERY Sunday! Sorry if I have offended - I CERTAINLY didn't mean to...

Just my 2cents for your ears... (or eyes!) thenudo (aka Tony) - OUUTah!