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"When He has tried me?  I SHALL come out as GOLD!!"


The book of Job... Whadda book!!  Amongst the most interesting in the Bible!!  Whether you're aware or not.. Job 'PROMINENTLY', takes its place in 'MODERN DAY' culture.. Namely, in the broadway production 'Fiddler on the Roof,' & in the 'more' recent film by the popular filmmakers, Coen brothers' 2009 film, A Serious Man, which is about a Minnesota Jewish man whose life crumbles both professionally and personally, leading him to questions about his faith.  The film was nominated for two Academy Awards. 


The Book of Job was written by Moses!!  'Moses' was to the Old Testament - what 'Paul" was to the New Testament..  In terms of writing..  Each wrote about a 3rd of the books bearing their pens - respectively...  Not ONLY were the penners of the Bible, Jewish, but ALL of the scenarios, examples (of God filled people - & God's wrath people!), & situations - God dealt with in His Word, was carried out by a Jewish man/or woman.. So we see 'why', it is to the JEW FIRST, then to the Greek, & THEN the NON-Jew/Greek..  EVERY CHRISTIAN should respect & bless the Jewish people to the BEST of our ability!!  Throughout the ions - OBVIOUSLY they have been the most persecuted group of peoples!!  Naturally so - I think - one of the BIGGEST reasons is, A) They are God's CHOSEN people!!; & B) They brought God's HOLY, PRECIOUS, and AWESOME WORD, into the world!  I've NO qualms about them being 1st!!  I feel, AT THE LEAST??  They deserve it!!  And today's story??  About a Jew!!  This guy was THE MAN!!  When it came to patience.. But MORE??  Of his OVERall; FAITH IN GOD!!  We should read take it as a lesson; The Book of Job!!  That God ALWAYS sustains us!!  **Interesting side noteIn rabbinical literature, Job is called one of the prophets of the Gentiles.  

VERRRY LITTLE is known about Mr. Job's early life..  We know that he hadda be raised right!!  The Bible says... 'Job was a man who lived righteous in the Land of Uz...'  As you saw on the map - 'Uz,' in Biblical days, is tricky to identify as the name “Uz,” seems to be an informal name applied by the Israelites to a region - and not the formal name of a country.  Job 1:3 says that Job was, “the greatest of all the people of the East.” But east of where?  If'n you is an archeologist - it be enough to make yah wanna pull yo hair out, kinda crayyyy-zyy!!  


Lamentations 4:21 places Edom in the Land of Uz (Hebrew: ארץ עוץ‎), indicating that Edomite territory had grown or expanded into the land of Uz. This is supported by the fact that one of Job’s false comforters named Eliphaz, was a Temanite. Teman was a city in Edom not far from the spectacular city of Petra. (Although some scholars place Eliphaz in Tema, in northern Arabia). Another false comforter, Zophar is designated a “Naamathite”, which some suggest refers to a mountain in north-western Arabia. The third false comforter named Bildad is called a “Shuhite”. However that refers to his ancestry, not his place of residence.  As you can see now - it's rather difficult for those, (like I), who wanna go beyond the story..  God didn't see territory, or location, as impopo, as the story/lesson itself - soo- makes sense!!

The name Uz is mentioned several times in the Bible. In Genesis, Uz is the son of Aram, a direct descendant of Shem.. In Genesis 36:28 and 1 Chronicles 1:42, Uz is a son of Dishan, and in 1 Chronicles 1:17, Uz is a son of Shem.

ANNYways - back to Job (pronounced joe-buh, not jaw-b), The more yah know...  Much is written about Job by just doing a Google search.. 

JOB's TOMB (thanks 2 Biblical friend, Naija)

The tomb of Job is in Salalah, Oman... (Though this is disputed & just like Noah, several different places, proclaim to have Job firmly planted into their ground..)  Salalah is generally considered Job's "ground zero", (if you will), however...

The place has a nice gate, with a nice sign telling a bit about Job... 

Just through the gates is the path that leads to an area Job purportedly prayed, and to a nice footprint of where Job purportedly slammed his foot on the ground to bring about water..

Then the tomb of the Prophet Job!!  

RIP Job!!  You certainly endured to the END!!  And - INDEED!  Came out as GOLD!  You've certainly inherited, earned, & are bestowed with the title of "FATHER of PATIENCE!!"... Far as I AM concerned!  In fact - there's an 'ol saying "he has the patience of Job!"  


Can't wait to meet you someday!! FoSho!! 

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