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the Prophet Isaiah

I'll make absolutely NO QUALMS about it!!  Perhaps the GREATEST prophet in the Bible!!  🙌  & bar none!!  Through his vast MAANNY-a-checklist prophecies - about Jesus... AND Jesus fulfilled them EVERY SINGLE ONE!!  From the START of His ministry (when He was handed a scroll from the prophet Isaiah) ~ Right down to the cross!!  An exact PERFECTA trifecta!!  Whatta GREAT human being, & servant of God!!  His example, & closeness to God ~ is one we should ALL strive to possess!!  Fo DEFINATE sho, and ABSOLUTELY!!  His Book, has been/is currently/& will ALWAYS be, amongst my favorites in the Bible...  Without a doubt!  BTW - here is the prophet Isaiah, according to Michaelangelo.. Cool stuff, eh?  Ehh?!?  Eh!!  Unfortunately - like ALL prophets, before after Isaiah.. He was painfully persecuted!! 


That said?? 


....Here is "HIS," (the Prophet Isaiah's) story...

He was born in the 8th century BC, in the Kingdom of Judah (the South of Israel).. 

Which (according to Wiki... Was an Iron Age kingdom of the Southern Levant. The Hebrew Bible depicts it as the successor to the United Monarchy, a term denoting the Kingdom of Israel under biblical kings Saul, David and Solomon and covering the territory of two historical kingdoms, Judah and Israel; however, historians are divided about the veracity of this account. For the parallel history of the southern Kingdom of Judah and its northern neighbour, the Kingdom of Israel, see History of ancient Israel and Judah.)  


The first verse of the Book of Isaiah states that Isaiah prophesied during the reigns of Uzziah (or Azariah)...  purportedly here at the remains of Uzziah's palace in Jerusalem..


Uzziah's reign was 52 years in the middle of the 8th century BCE, and Isaiah must have begun his ministry a few years before Uzziah's death, probably in the 740s BCE. Isaiah lived until the fourteenth year of Hezekiah's reign (who died 698 BCE).  He may have been contemporary for some years with Manasseh. All in all, Isaiah prophesied for 86 very impressive years!!  


According to some modern interpretations, Isaiah's wife was called "the prophetess" (Isaiah 8:3), either because she was endowed with the prophetic gift,  or simply because she was the "wife of the prophet".  Though - it's more thought that she, indeed, had the prophetic gifts (though NOT in the giant abundance of her hubby.)  Coolio stuff!!

Isaiah is recognized as a prophet in;


JUDAISM;  (MISSED the CHRIST train, STILL can/will get on!  C'mon ALREADY!  Jesus fulfilled EVERY prophecy about Himself that Isaiah prophesied..!!  What do you want, really! EEVVVVEERRYYY ONE of them!!) 

ISLAM; NO! NOO!! just NOO!  Give me a Muslim & a minute, & through their OWN Koran,  I'll convert them!!  Muhammad was asked the way to 'eternal life' of his desciples.. & he answered, "WHY would you ask ME that?!  I DON'T KNOW if I am going to heaven or NOT!  ((GEEEZ - whadda fella to follow!!  REALLLY!!)).. 🙄 ..Jesus gave a STEP BY STEP instruction!!!

Anyway - Isaiah (id'd as "Isaias" and "Esaias").. Within the text of the Book of Isaiah, Isaiah himself is referred to as "the prophet"..  Important fact in the recent find in Israel, of what is purported to be the seal of the prophetic giant..


That'd be awesomely SWEET if it's the real deal!!  One of the things I love is that it can't be proved either way.. So speculation is open for business!! 😝🤪👍  Anyhoo - 

The prophet Isaiah (along with his wifey, 'the prophetess,') had three sons, naming the eldest Shear-jashub, meaning "A remnant shall return" (Isaiah 7:3), the next, Immanuel, meaning "God is with us" (Isaiah 7:14), and the youngest, Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, meaning, "Spoil quickly, plunder speedily" (Isaiah 8:3).   The prophet Isaiah spent the years of his ministry in Jerusalem, primarily..  Mentioned in Isaiah 9, is Naphtali.. More specific, Isaiah 9 1: "Nevertheless the dimness shall not be such as was in her vexation, when at the first he lightly afflicted the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, and afterward did more grievously afflict her by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, in Galilee of the nations". 

Some writers assert that Isaiah was a vegetarian, on the basis of passages in the Book of Isaiah that extol nonviolence and reverence for life, i.e. Isaiah 1:11, 11:6-9, 65:25, and 66:3. Some of these writers refer to "the vegetarian Isaiah", "the notorious vegetarian Isaiah", and "Isaiah, the vegetarian prophet."  Cool stuff!

Isaiah died in the 7 Century, B.C... After prophesying for God a total of 82 years. His 'tomb-shot' is here..


R.I.P. Isaiah!  The prophecies that you gave - were the gate blueprint of my Lord Jesus to take entrance into earth!  You gave us remarkable insight, & your example goes BEYOND LEGENDARY!  I can't wait to meet you some sweet day!!  

Wanna see the prophet Isaiah's 2nd Coming house??  It's in New York!!😂 🤣  No! I'm serious!!  Yet, SADDENED!! 🙄 

..It NEVER ceases to amaze me at the shat people come up with!  These 'dummies' believe Jesus is buried here!!  I don't know whether to laugh or cry! 😖 PLEASE forgive them Lord!  They SERIOUSLY KNOW NOTT what the HELL they are doing!!   Yeahh- I SAID IT!! 😤  Someone needed to!! 😡 Please stop this NONSENSE!! 

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