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Made from the Hand of God himself..
Genesis 2:22 ~...And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
ADAM and EVE - the 'true' first family... and the 'true' first sinners.  I have heard it said more than once in my life... 'When I get to heaven - the first thing I'm gonna do is kick Adam's tale.  Well?  Consider for a moment you 'get' to heaven with that kind of attitude - I'd certainly buy a ticket!!😋 Life was PERFECT in EVERY SINGLE WAY.  Eden was 'fertile myrtle!!'  The Lord gave Adam & Eve EVERYTHING
they needed in the Garden of Eden ,  ((TradeMarked)).. (I imagine that it was  anyway.. NATURALLY ™,
o'course.. Amen?? #canigetanAmen?? ) 
God gave Adam dominion over everything that creeps or crawls through the earth, every beast, & every fowl of the air.  The Garden was perfect in EVERY way.  The temperature was perfect, ground was fertile as Myrtle, trees were pleasant to the eye, sky blue, & life was GRAND!!  THEN (there's always a then), 'ere came satan slithering through.  Through deception - he got Eve to eat the apple from the 'tree of life.'  The ONLY tree in the garden they were told 'not' to eat from.  In just 'one' moment in time - ALLLLL that dominion that was given to Adam & Eve (that would have been handed down to us?) GONE!!  Through eating the apple - Adam & Eve gave the dominion they had on earth - to satan!  Thus - setting into motion a hard life for man that would end in death, and every tragedy to date.  Jump to around 31B.C. - a Fella by the name of Jesus, came into the equation.  Jesus came to take 'BACK' the dominion that Adam & Eve had given to satan... And He 'did' just that upon the cross... Then offering 'dominion' to whomever wanted it, ultimately giving it back to God's creation. 
After being banned & barred from the Garden of Eden ™ (& now ℗ (protected) with a flaming sword) - the two settled in MehrGarh (Pakistan).  Here are some photos of the 'now' excavated land  of Adam & Eve.  The first farmlandsExcavated room of amongst one of the first homes on earth (quite possibly Adam & Eve themselves.)  The preservation is grandiose due to being buried underground so longHere is a map of what it possibly looked like in the time of Adam & Eve.  The excavated remains of what it certainly one of the first homes in the world. 
Adam & Eve were originally buried in the Cave of Machpelah (aka Tomb of the Prophets - this is the entrance) - as it is also the place Abraham was buried.  Like Noah - he (ADAM)  could be multiple places (due to his body being moved several times after his original burial...  According to USNA (yess - that'd be the United States Naval Association who has a research team on the issue (mmhmm - it states)...

Christian tradition generally places the tomb of Adam in Jerusalem under the place where Jesus was crucified, called the "Cave of Treasures"  The cave is underneath 'Golgotha.'  Here is a shot of Adam's grave there (wide) aaand a (tightshot- Adam is 'IN' there...) Supposedly.. you can see his skull.  Try as I may - I have yet to find it (even after hours looking at the pic.. which is a mirror, tilted.. reflecting his 'actual' grave..

Jewish tradition generally places the burial place of Adam in the Cave of Machpelah where Abraham and his sons were also said to be buried...

Both traditions were right.. SORTA! Read on par'd'ner..  


According to passed down tradition of Seth, (Adam & Eve's son #likeIhadtotellyouthatyouBiblescholaryou) - Adam was originally  buried (with Eve) in the Cave of Machpelah.. Later then, he, (Adam's bod; or bones) were moved to Jerusalem to the 'Cave of Treasures'

Worth mention  is that Seth was responsible for the burial of his father Adam - since Abel had been expelled, after his murder of Cain.  Death had never yet happened, before Cain (& he wasn't mentioned so I am guessing that an angel buried him) - thus an angel entered in to help in the process.. saying to Seth "take note - for Adam's future children.."


'Your father Adam was as tall as a very tall palm, that is, 60 cubits (or; 90 feet). He had much hair, and his private parts were concealed...When Adam was dead, the angels washed him separately with lotus and water, and dressed him in separate layers of shrouds. then they prepared a grave and buried him. They said: This will be the custom of the children of Adam after him.

Eve was 'originally', buried with Adam, in the Cave of Machpelah.. However (like Adam), moved but only once.  After the move from their original place of burial.. Eve was placed in Jeddah (or Jiddah) meaning grandmother in Arabic, and the city is named thus due to the tomb of Eve being within the city. The tomb is not openly advertised to the public.  Viceroy of Hejaz, (then prez of Saudi Arabia) destroyed it in 1928.  Why?  Cause he was a 2-bit-ASSWAD! 


As it were - here is the grave in the 1800s, in 1900-ish, aaand & in 1920s.

Here is the grave as it appears todayPillars that lead to grave.  A wider shot (arrow marks Eve's grave)!  Helloouu!! (sign pointing you to Eve's grave. 

What a great duo!!  Made by THE HAND of God Himself!!  FoSho'Nuff!!


JEWISH TRADITION SAYS; The Cave of Machpelah; or Cave of the Patriarch's; holds that the cave was dug by ADAM, as he was desperately trying to re-gain entry into the 'Garden of Eden.'  He was subsequently chased out of the cave by an angel of the LORD.. AND that Abraham KNEW of Adam & Eve being buried there (through family telling of it; passing the story down, generation by generation; REMEMBER, Abraham was a direct descendant of Adam's, through Noah.. AND THAT of course, would be an AWESOME family tree story, getting STRONG momentum thru the ages & generations as the world became more & more populated!)... Which is why he WANTED the cave in the first place.  COOL STUFF!!

Abel (Adam & Eve's son) is buried in this building.  Here is his grave.  Be sure & visit my page on 'Eden.'

 *** I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED a theological, Biblical fair question!!!  I'VE ALWAYS WONDERED .. Did ADAM..?  HAVE A BELLY BUTTON?!?!!😂
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