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REALLY?!?  I thought this one would be a no brainer!!  Seeing that ~ 'the Cave of Machpelah; where the father of our faith, ABRAHAM, is buried ((AND where Adam and Eve were originally buried..)) would have more than a few clues on the matter of 'The Garden of Eden."   Jewish tradition holds that Adam, DUG the caves (of Machpelah), ((which wouldn't have been a cake-walk, but being that he was 90 feet tall, COULD have accomplished it)), in a DESPERATE attempt to re-gain entry to "the Garden of Eden".. BUT was chased out by an angel of the LORD..  So it was only natural they wanted to be buried in the caves.. So at least they could rest "NEXT" to the Garden..  SO??  Wouldn't it be LOGICAL that the Garden of Eden would be somewhere near the Cave of Machpelah??

YES, and NO.. No doubt Adam KNEW where the Garden was.. HOWEVER.. You must remember - this was PRE-flood!  The flood of Noah, would have HAD to change the landscape of the earth.. THUS - moving where the rivers would have been.. SO.. Is it possible that Eden, is now.. In the Persian Gulf??  SEE video below... 


THE GARDEN of EDEN ~ (or 'Garden of God')

The Garden of Eden was aptly named because it reflects the meaning of the noun עדן (eden). The Garden in Genesis was luxurious, well-watered and extremely fertile. Genesis 2:9 says that every tree in the garden was pleasing to look at and good for food. This garden in Genesis was so renowned for its fertility that it became the epitome of a lush and luxuriant living environment (Isa. 51:3).


The meaning behind Eden

The verb עדן (adan) appears only once in the Hebrew Bible (Neh. 9:25), and means “to delight in” or “to enjoy the good life.” Nehemiah recalls the Israelites delighting in the abundance of vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees of the promised land. As a common noun, עדן (eden) carries nuances of delicacies, pleasures, luxury and delight, as in 2-Sam. 1:24, depicting the daughters of Israel being clothed luxuriously with scarlet.  




No one seems to agree.. Nor know.. However - a group 'thinks' they have pinpointed the local, based on Bible descriptors.. Claiming it to be 'underwater'.. I, personally, have ALWAYS thought the flood in 'Noah's day', destroyed it.. So it makes sense - if in fact it's been located.. But you decide.. Here is a video from YouTube with the best 'descriptor' I have seen to date...

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