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Me; writing the New Testiment

 Tony Nudo's



Shalom!.. I would like to WELCOME you to Biblical!!  I am thrilled & honored that you are here (MOST ESPECIALLY to my brothers & sisters in Christ!)  My sincerest hope & prayer, is that the site is a blessing to you!!

The site has been a 'LONG' passion and dream of mine.. To present a website that is MOST OF ALL factual in context, & in photo!  Each story on each person written about here - has been METICULOUSLY researched, and researched, to ensure accuracy.   

Some of you have been to my website, And thus, know the skinny on just how I present stories here.  JUST like my site.. Each story is written with links scattered about throughout the story.  The links lead to a photo (or video), of what is being talked about in the story.  This way - the photos actually "show" the place, or location you are reading about, and where it happened..  Thus "telling" the story you're reading by way of "showing" you the places!!  Hence, the slogan (now gone, but that I had for awhile anyway).. "..where the links lead to photos, that tell the story! 

THAT SAID... I found out 'rather' quickly differences on my Biblical Legends site (especially versus my Hollywood Legends site).. that locations, where say, the Disciple Peter lived...  Weren't as easy as finding the well documented house Sir Charlie Chaplin lived in Los Angeles..  Were talking 2,000 years in Peter's case, vs. 80 years for Chaplin.  Many things have been torn down or have weathered under ground.  Though I have tried thru as much verification possible - to validate the photos here's validity!!  Outside the locales, many of the images pictured here come from museums in Israel, and archeologists.. To give you a clearer idea of what I am saying.. click on the links, in the example story below...

"I came into the world, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on a cold winter's day in October.  Born at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga.. I quickly became a VERY imaginative child!!  Whether playing to sold out crowds from my living room... To preaching full out sermons to the 'lucky neighbor', who just happened to be outside beautifying their lawn, to (in my spare time), finding the romeo within!!  I LOVED the film E.T., - Once hadda rabbit I named Bruno - but it escaped..  I found out FIRST HAND, what the term "reproducing like rabbits" meant!!  For, pretty soon, our back yard was swarming with rabbits!!😂  I loved xerox machines as a kid & I could always find ways of entertaining myself.  One of my favorite photos was one of my Aunt Barb and I; after playing an imaginary sold out show in Florida!!  As I grew - I loved travel and expanding my highly imaginative mind!  I'd lead the Christmas carols each year at my grandparents...  (You get the idea hopefully!!)  😂🤣

As stated - this site has been a passion and dream!!  I always welcome suggestions and comments - so don't hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions!!  Also, by all means - check out my personal site, &/or my professional website...
Thanks again, for visiting my Biblical!! 

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