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King David

'Praise the Lord with harp, Sing unto Him with psalms & instrument of 10 strings."

Mmmkay - I will 'SAY' it... David is amongst my favorite of all saints.  His faithfulness to God was VERY impressive.  A man God called, 'a man after His own heart.'  Certainly a man to be admired!  Certainly a man to be modeled!  That was the BEST Halloween EVER!!  Definitely got the most candy ever garnered in that costume!!  I could tell the ENTIRE story of David & Goliath at request from age 4 on!!  And would PROUDLY tell it!!  Sometimes impromptu.. like here at age 3!!  Take a listen!!  😋







The story of David has ALWAYS interested me.. and the facts are - I am not alone!  

David was born circa 1040 BC.. In Bethlehem, Judah, Israel.  Born into a modest, humble, hard-working, God fearing family.

He was a shepherd on his father, Jesse's farm, when the prophet Samuel received his walking orders to came & anoint "A new king that God sought out; a man after God's own heart!!)) , to be Israel's next King, after King Saul, whom the LORD had repented of making king after Saul stubbornly refused the LORD's command, Making David Israel's 2nd king.

He was in his early teens, when a loud-mouthed 9ft 6in, giant was horrifying and harassing the Hebrews, in Elah Valley (Beit Shemesh).  Upon hearing: there was a reward for the giants head.. He commissioned King Saul to let him collect on that reward.  The King suited him in armor for the battle... However, with the armor on, he couldn't hardly keep his posture.. so he took it off.. Then took a few small stones, from a (now dried up), nearby brook.  The stones, along with a slingshot was all he possessed when he went to the giant, in the name of The LORD.  Upon hitting the giant with a single stone to the middle of the head - he fell dead!   David cut the giant's head off & reportedly buried it upon Golgotha.. Coincydinkly - the same hill as Jesus would be crucified on all those years later!!  Ahhh - HOW I LOVE the Bible.  Despite what anyone thinks - I believe (or KNOW rather) God Almighty had a grand plan all along!!  It's quite neat to see 'just how' He weaved/and is weaving it!!

Wanna see a piece of David's garment??  How about another?!?  One mo!

David kept his scruples & God's commandments all the days of his life (with the exception of Uriah the Hittite.. Which I imagine, is a sore subject TO THIS DAY in heaven, & no doubt, isn't brought up - FoSho'll)!!!

His tomb is in this building.. right here.. wider angle... hello


Recently, archaeologists & historians believe they have found King David's palace... An awesomely AMAAZING discovery, FoSho'Nuff!  Here's a piece of rope found during excavation. 

The Tower of David, in Jerusalem, was believed to be where King David's palace was located - by the  Byzantine Christians.  It's located near Jaffa gate on the western side of the old city wall.. This waay, par'd'ner! 

This cool 3d video from YouTube shows how the palace might have looked in all it's posh, pomp & pamphilly..

The following cool pictures are of the purported site of King David's palace..

Drone aerials.. click the photo to see it larger

!ME; 3yo; & THE story of David & GoliethTony Nudo; age 3
00:00 / 03:36
David Palace Remains
!!David Palace Remains2.jpg
Artist rendering 3D video, of what the palace of King David
prolly looked like...
A closer look at the gem of a find!!  The entrance..
A shot of what is believed to be King David's throne room.
Side view. Overview of the whole..
Now YOU TOO can stay at King David's when your in Israel!!  Helllooouu!
What an awesome King!!  I'd say SUPERBLY AWESOME to have an eternal lamp shining before God!  FoSho'Nuff!!  He's not done neither.. He'll be coming back with Jesus to rule & reign! 
David died at a good old age, when he was ready.. & was succeeded by his son, Solomon (who was the 3rd; & final, King of Israel as a whole). 
You can leave virtual flowers and a comment for King David by clicking here!!  David still has / will always have a presence in Israel!!  MOST DEFINITELY, in spirit - & in life again, during the millennial reign!!  FoSho'Nuff!
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