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Mary Magdalene

The "whore", who turned "HOLY!"

The story of the 'whore', who turned 'HOLY', is one for ALL of us!!  FoSho!!
Mary Magdalene... I probably shouldn't admit this - but I will. (if just for the sake of James 5:16.. Just kiddin' 😂..
Growing up - I thought Mary Magdalene & Mary (Jesus' mom) were one in the same.  In saying that?  I will now say this - I came into life, with a dad, (whom was Catholic), & a mom (who was a Pentecostal.SOOOO???? There was a little confusion about a lot!  ALOT!!  That's not a tic against Catholicism OR Pentecostals!!  But there "DID" come a point where I said... "ENOUGH!!"  I was sick of the traditions of BOTH!!  I always wondered... How could 2 religions.. That purport to worship the same God?  Be so different??  Why all the bs??  I just wanna worship God!!  Once I got all the man-made doctrines outta the way... I felt like a NEW MAN! 
Anyhoo - how did I get off on that  trek?  Back to 'Mary' now!
I've always thought of Mary Magdalene as a fairly attractive lady.  It's always the first thoughts that come to mind.. Like a first impression.. She is 'gorgeous!'  But I guess that is a 'depending on whom you ask', kinda thing!!   I mean - take for example.. Say.. Donatello (the artist)?  She looked horrible in his eyes I guess. Issh!  😬  THIS is prolly a 'more' accurate impression!
Mary Magdalene was born on a date unknown - in Magdala, Judea.  Despite the biblical clearness of her being a whore - because of her association with; & was first to see Jesus after He was resurrected..  She is considered to be a saint by the Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches—with a feast day of July 22. Which... I think, is GREAT!  It shows that when God turns your life around??  The past ought to be FORGOTTEN!!!
Other Protestant churches honor her as a heroine of the faith. The Eastern Orthodox churches also commemorate her on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers, the Orthodox equivalent of one of the Western Three Marys traditions. During the Middle Ages, Mary Magdalene was regarded in Western Christianity as a repentant prostitute or promiscuous woman.  Amazing what an encounter with Christ will do for you!! 👍
Mary Magdalene's 'reported' confirmed (prolly) tomb- has her skull posted on display-(careful here - this is a picture of a skull.. aka dead person.  If this kinda stuff grosses you out then don't click!)  mmbut yeah - have it on display for all to see.  Maybe it is the inspiration for Donatello's version.  Who knows?? Hmmm?  Here is reportedly her bone.. & a closer look.. woooo!  Ahhhh..  So if you ever have the chance to visit her tomb.. it's a surreal experience (even MORE SO - to see some praying there in front of her skull.)  Also keep in mind that the 'whole' experience isn't there.. I mean being that a few of her bones are always 'on tour'  and mayyyybe soon - coming to a town near to you!  Heeey! Heyy!  
TOTALLY unrelated, but just down from Mary's skull.. (no REALLY!!) ... We see a vile of blood from Pope John Paul??  Apparently they took it out when he died.  I can't MAKE this stuff up folks!!
In the coolness of Magdalene relics, however, they do have some pieces of her garment.  One a ribbon (used, I am sure, for fashion back in the day)- Perhaps a 'foot' bracelet??  Hmmm... & a confirmed piece of her hair.  Pretty cool!!
Lego.... strikes agaaain - & again!
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