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"Listen to Him, & do what He says..
[Mary to servants at the wedding that Jesus turned water into wine.]

Mary; (Jesus' mom)

Before I start here - I neeeeeeed to emphasize that... Of ALLLLL the good folk in the New Testament - Mary (momma of the 'man/flesh/earthen, Jesus), (the one and only).. HAIL MARY  (if'n you is Catholic - 'and like to quote the angel Gabriel!!!...  Explain?? CERTAINLY!!

 Firstly.. Gabriel said.. "Hail Mary!"  Verb form of hail ! ~Hail #2~.. Equals....

hail 2



verb: hail; 3rd person present: hails; past tense: hailed; past participle: hailed; gerund or present participle: hailing

  1. 1.

    call out to (someone) to attract attention.

    "the crew hailed a fishing boat"

    synonyms:call out to, shout to, address; More

    • signal (an approaching taxicab) to stop.

      "she raised her hand to hail a cab"

      synonyms:flag down, wave down, signal to

      "he hailed a cab"

  2. 2.

    acclaim enthusiastically as being a specified thing.

Now it purely speculation Gabriel was meaning verb form which is called, hail2.. After all.. The hail1, is in NOUN form, which is defined...




noun: hail

  1. 1.

    pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds.

    • a large number of objects hurled forcefully through the air.

    • "missiles and bombs hail down from the sky"

So defining via common sense God gave us ALL.. That Gabriel didn't mean hail number 1-noun- pellets falling from the sky (Gabriel wouldn't hail (halt) you to tell you that hail is falling.. You should know.. I'm just sayin'!!  (I'm just not leaving room for argument for the Catholics..)  Or...2nd noun definition.. "missiles and bombs hail down from the sky".. Now again.. (Gabriel wouldn't hail (halt) you to tell you that missiles or bombs are - uh- falling.. You should know that.. Back to that common sense thing God gives us ALL!  So.. Gabriel continues..


..You have found GREAT favor with God. (Meaning God approves!!)  It is written throughout the Bible.. The 'I AM' (God Almighty) doesn't share His glory... Quoting Jesus.. "I am THE WAY"... JESUS intercedes for US!!  Jesus takes our request.. to intercede to THE FATHER!!  I can assure you - Mary IS NOT hearing you!! God NEVER called her 'HOLY!'  Now.. She had Holiness in her while pregnant with Jesus.. But by faith.. Do WE NOT carry Jesus in 'US' as well??  Do we sit and admire the plane that brought the President into town??  NO!  That is absurd!!  Same here!! Mary was merely a vehicle God used to bring His Son into the world with..  GOD... NEVER called Mary 'blessed".. and NEVER does the Bible say.. Mary - mother of grace.. NEVER does it say that, ANYWHERE!! In the Bible.. Now MARY calls HERSELF blessed.. Not God... He told her, He'd found FAVOR with her... Don't get me wrong!  Mary WAS blessed  in an earthly way.. indeed.. After all.. It was her,  that God chose to bring His 'BLESSED" Son into the world, for US!  But thaat is where it should END, on Mary's end!!  Sorry!  There is waaay to much precedence on Mary - WAAY too much, & folks?  It takes away from Jesus... That's NOT a MYTH, To the folk at (that's a website).  PLEASE KNOW the Bible.. If your gonna try & present it.. And, WHEN you present it to folk??  Please present it CORRECT!!  NOT by ridiculous assumptions &/or innuendos!! But FACTS, proving you did your research, thus, NOT making you look like a donk[ey] (or; ass)!!

Jesus really doesn't need an someone to intercede for Him.. HE intercedes FOR US.. to The Almighty Father!  The Lord  is our Shepherd.. & WE?? His sheep!  His flock..  How many times have you seen sheep go to someone OTHER than their shepherd  (as seen in that videola experiment - It DOESN'T happen, NO - it doesn't!! Jesus definitely KNEW what He was talking about)...  Lemme just start 'here'... And make it clear 'here'  that ....

..Mary, the virgin mom of Jesus, was.. JUST that!! PLAIN and SIMPLE!  The simple "vehicle" in getting His Son to earth to save us.. In fact, multiple times, Jesus Himself.. Refers to His mom as 'woman'. Had I referred to my mom as 'woman' - I'd still have her handprint on my cheek today!!  Once when Jesus was speaking - some told Him.. Your mother & brother wishes to speak to you - to which Jesus responds... 'who IS My mother?  [then looking at those listening intently to Him, & looking back at those who'd told Him]  "These are My mothers, my brothers, & sisters.  These who listen to My Words - & do them." (Luke 8:20 & 21)

Mary was the vessel, vehicle, womb, through which God... Got His Son to earth.  Nothing more - nothing less. God NEVER made Mary Deity.. The Bible never refers to Mary as sinless.. After having Jesus.. She had TWO more kids, (one we now know, was James; writer of the 'blunt-but to-the-point', Book of James!)


The angel who came to her says she had "found great favor with God."  That said - since we surmise, (at least - consensus with a majority of Bible scholars say), she was around the tenderoni age of 13-18 at the time of conception of Jesus - I would aim to say that... Her sins, were probably few.. Well... That?.. AAND she was a direct descendant in the bloodline line of King David.. Through David's son, Nathan!!  ((Her hubby Joseph was in the line of David through Solomon))   The Bible references the genealogy of Joseph, when referencing the genealogy of Jesus!  

TBH - In 'my' opinion - That was exactly why God chose Mary!  Both her (thru David's son, Nathan), & Joseph (thru David's son Solomon).. were direct descendant in the bloodline of King David.. Whom God considered 'a man after His own heart."

Purportedly, Mary, was birthed, & lived here, in Jerusalem, (photo c. 1862, verily cool!), as a lil girl.. InsideAnother view??  Purrties???

Some religions (BTW I HATE religion) - namely Catholics - spend waaay too much time and emphasize, Mary, Mother of Jesus, waay to much.  Another thing?? PLEASE let us correct the term... Mary (Mother of Grace). MMmkay??  Mary was NEVER EVER authorized to give out grace.  She gave birth to 'THE GIVER' of Grace!  And so??

While it would be correct to say technically... She gave birth to the definition/Giver of Grace - why even go there??  Why not just leave Mary out of the equation and give credit where credit is due... Thus giving God/Jesus credit for grace. I mean - isn't He, ULTIMATELY, THE ONE - through whom, grace is given??  For example.. My car got me to work - but no one I work with calls out to my car when they need something from me at work!  Mary needs - recognition for being the mode of transport through which Jesus entered the world.. That's it!! Over & out!!!


Anyway - I just HADDA say that before starting her story...  I do think she would agree!

According to the scholars, Mary, (mother of Jesus), was born September 8th, circa 18-14 B.C. - in Tzippori, Nazareth, Galilee, here. Not much is known of Mary, 'pre-Angel Gabriel appearing to her.'  We DO know, however, in her short time here on earth before that - that she had found the favor of God upon her life. She not only 'RECEIVED' The Word from Angel Gabriel.. But, 'EMBRACED' it!!

The New Testament tells little of Mary's early history.  John 19:25 - states that Mary had a sister. According to the writer of Luke, Mary was a relative of Elizabeth, wife of the priest Zechariah, of the priestly division of Abijah, who was herself part of the lineage of Aaron, and thus of the tribe of Levi. Elizabeth also was the BLESSED mother of John the Baptist.  

Mary was betrothed to Joseph.. A direct descendant in the line of Abraham, Ruth & Boaz, & King David. So was Mary, btw!!  Talk about PERFECTO!!  Upon Joseph finding out of her pregnancy... Joseph planned to quietly divorce her, but was told her conception was by the Holy Spirit in a dream by "an angel of the Lord" (most likely, Gabriel)- the angel told him to not hesitate to take her as his wife, which Joseph did, thereby formally completing the wedding rites.

This is the reported historic place where the angel Gabriel visited Mary to give her the sweet news of her pregnancy with The Son of The Most High!! Now a-pro-pro called Mary's well. Hellouu?!  Here is the 'welcome identifying', sign.. Here is the sign, 'inside the well,' warning folk, "don't drink da water!"  Mary's beau, Joseph, quite literally lived next door to MaryCoolio!!!!  How appropriate to see the well, at CHRISTmas!! 👍

Whilst raising young Jesus - Mary and family lived here... 2, & 3 & 4

No doubt, being the mother of Jesus wasn't without it's trials.  We must remember - Jesus was her savior as well as her Son.  It had to be physically painful  to see her Son hanging on a cross. 

At the end of her life.. She reportedly lived here!  (Built by Jesus' BELOVED, John, himself!!)  Another shot?  Aannd - one mo!  Have a looksie, inside??  (THANKS EVER SO to Biblical friend, Carol JoHansen for the photos!!)

She is buried inside this building... HAAAIL Mary ;P.  Another shot, where she once laid is now dust (or the Catholics have her on tour somewhere, yah never know)The alter at her tomb.

You can visit Hail Mary's grave and leave your non-wilting, gorgeous, digi-flowers and comment here!



Wanna see Mary's belt??


I have often wondered if images such as this make Mary wanna throw up from heaven.  PLEASE give glory to God, Jesus, or The Holy Spirit - ONE TRINITY - there is NO Mary in the Holy Trinity!!  Mary was merely the vessel God used to get his son on this earth. 

PLEASE don't take Holy appreciation & attention from Jesus - to give to Mary.  Talk instead  to Jesus.  Sometimes I think God just has to shake His Holy head at some of the things we do!

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