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I wanna personally welcome you!!  This site is a fruition of an idea I have had for years.  I have modeled it from my Hollywood website - so every story comes with links to photos that give you a visual of what you are reading.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with comments or questions.  I pray this site is a blessing to all  who come into it!!

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I AM WELL AWARE that links in some the stories are broken & am working to fix that!!  It's what I get for entrusting                with my

photo collection


Coming Soon...

a STORE; with some VERY cool Biblical stuff!!

MORE GAMES to the Jesus Kids page!!


awesome Holy Word...

King David story

Elijah + Widow of Zarephath

#AWESOMEBIBLESTORY | Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath...
The MARVELS of trusting God!!
The common Factor of 3

What Biblical legend had these

3 factors in common??


Think you got it?? 

**Click on the image of the three

to find out the answer.

Questions? Comments? Got a good 3 in common character??  Contact me!!


click the picture - to reveal answer.

Last month's answer: KING DAVID

Adam & Eve Story
king SOLOMON story


A LOVE LETTER; from God, to YOU!!  Video edited by Tony Nudo..
In WONDERFUL memory of my mother, Anna Faye Johnson Nudo

Sanctus Real | confidence

NOAH humor

I would like to add a warning to all who enter this site... When it comes to 'Biblical 'stuff',.. Whether found, or authentic artifacts..  There are mannny replicas, tales of things found, etc., etc. 


Photos posted inside stories here, have gone through RIGOROUS study & research to confirm their authenticity.  While it is not 'always' possible to confirm as 100% authentic.. Items and info passed down through the ages.. Usually suffice as good evidence. 


God Bless ALL who come to this site.. My prayer is that it is a BLESSING to you!!

Whenever possible - I try (earnestly; though it's VERY HARD on these stories that are (some), over 2,000 years old - but I DO try) to include ANY person on this sites 'findagrave file' so that visitors may leave virtual non-wilting flowers and comments - at their virtual grave.  Not all Biblical figures have a grave file though.  Your welcome to search for anyone, howev...

to leave comments & your flowers.

a little humor, & explainer; for an animal, the Unicorn...

now extinct!!  It's NEWS from from Noah's Ark!! 👍


Gloria Copeland, is amongst MY FAVORITE

teachers of the Gospel!  Through her teachings - you REALLY learn why it's called - GOOD NEWS!! #GloriaCopeland

"Garden of Eden"
KJV Today
John the Baptist story
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