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It seemed good to me also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first,

to write unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus, That thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed. ~ Luke 1:3&4

Ain't it just like a doctor - to give us something to make us feel good..  And that's exactly what Luke did!!  And he took it beyond 'GOOD' - to 'GREAT!'  Although he never knew/met/walked with Jesus on earth; In Jesus' earthly ministry..  Luke's gospel sets out to testify whereby Luke (by profession & trade), was a doctor/physician.. He also proved to be one HECK of a journalist.. Was an Evangelist, & stunning GREAT artist!! 
In writing his gospels, he stayed with, and journeyed with, (most notably), Paul (whom he was a disciple of), & most likely - that put him in the midst of those whom Jesus knew closest whilst He was on earth.. Getting in-depth interviews from the folk whom Jesus knew - the apostles, Jesus' family, friends, and acquaintances - in which He walked & taught so close to while our Lord walked this earth He and His Dad (Father God), had made!!   
Those who know me well, know that I am 'in the process,' of writing down, Word for Word, the awesome New Testament.  I started with Matthew, then did Markskipped Luke & went straight on to John.. Then back to Luke.. So I could write both books of Luke, (Luke & ACTS), back to back!!  I'm having a BALL doing it!  I'm doing it so that I don't miss a single line nor word of the New Testament.  Right now.. I am in the 8th chapter of ACTS..  & since Luke wrote ACTS ~ I'm so STOKED to be doing his story!! 
SOOO - without further ado.. HERE, is Luke's story..
Luke; (Latin: Lūcās, Ancient Greek: Λουκᾶς, Loukâs, Hebrew: לוקאס‎, Lūqās, Aramaic: לוקא‎, Lūqā'), entered into the world in Antioch, Syria, (that was part of the Roman Empire).. 
As is with most writers of the Bible, (**NOTE I said "most," & NOT "all"), not a whole lot  is known about Luke's beginnings & childhood..  Some, as in the case of Moses, we have stunning, etched, raw, & sharp clear detail of his childhood, aand RIGHT on up to when God chose him to deliver Israel out of Egypt..  NOT SO in the case of Luke!  But I tend to muster what I can! 👍
By mans argument - Luke is the patron saint of artists, physicians, surgeons, students and butchers.  Luke, Mark, Matthew, and John – they are the four Evangelists, the traditional ascribed authors of the four gospels, & our only source of information on Jesus (the Man; & His ministry.)   
Luke was a Greek physician who lived in the early years of his life  within the Greek city of Antioch, Turkey in Ancient Syria, Some other scholars and theologians think Luke was a Hellenic Jew.  (If that WAS the case though - he sure offered them NO partiality when writing about them in his books/gospels.)  Luke, was one  of the Seventy Apostles (introed in ACTS, written by his hand, inspired by God.)  ***That's the ONE thing I just DO NOT get about folks who like to critique the writers of the Bible.  OF COURSE it's going to be written through the lens of their experiences because, well.. It's all they know.  Here's a revelation.. I don't know of ANY writer who doesn't write through the lens of 'their' life experiences..  So - I really don't get the argument that Luke was writing as one who slants or taints the view to their benefit.  You forget.. The LORD wrote, THROUGH them..  So then.. Wouldn't your arguement be... With the Lord??? 🤨HMMM?? I'mm juss sayin!   Anyway - At one point that the "brother"  Paul mentions in the Second Epistle to the Corinthians 8:18 is either Luke or Barnabas... 
He had become a disciple of the apostle Paul.  Luke often was 'with' Paul (and was prolly his top disciple; though that is speculation.)  Luke followed Paul until his [Paul's], martyrdom. Luke, known from the early Christian church, as Luke the Evangelist, & the companion of Paul..
Whilst in Rome, Luke lived here, as Paul's disciple, as this was the place of Paul's 'house arrest.'  Here's the stairs leading to the 'rarely opened'  living quarters, where they would've stayed.. Apparently - 'both' John and Peter also stayed overnight there, temporarily, while visiting Paul.  Another angler.. And a carved marble featuring Luke, Paul, & Peter, stands at the entrance to the 'stairway leading to the living quarters.  Very cooolio stuff!!!
Luke authored 2 books of the Bible; LUKE - the one that 'bears' his name where he was a bit more candid, & ACTS - the more 'serious & straight to the point' of the 2 books.  Actually, the books of Matthew and Luke share a large amount of additional material that is not found in Mark, and each also has a proportion of unique material.  Here is a cool chart, showing relationships between the synoptic gospels.
Luke's understanding of Jesus – his Christology – is central to his theology. One approach to this is through the titles Luke gives to Jesus: these include, but are not limited to, Christ (Messiah), Lord, Son of God, and Son of Man.
See Luke's purported skull??  Compliments of da Catholics! FoSho!
Have a gander at a purported piece of Luke's wardrobe??  OR how's about's this, which is purported & confirmed  (by the New York Times), to BE the reliquary which contain the remains of Luke??  Where we can now see a frag of Luke's bone!!  Pretty cool and amazing stuff!  Here is the 'original' cage & lead coffin purported to have been found, that housed the bones of none other - than Luke, himself..  Found in the coffin with the bones of Luke were some coins and his teeth.. Say what you will of the Catholics..  While some is morbid - they 'DO' preserve history whether it be clothing or bones!! 
Luke died at age 84 in Boeotia; A part of the region of Central Greece.  
According to Nikephoros Kallistos Xanthopoulos, (say THAT fellas name 3x fast!!😆), who's a Greek historian of the 14th century (and others), Luke's tomb was located in Thebes, Greece.  (A city WELL KEPT in history!!), when his relics were transferred to Constantinople in the year 357 A.D. According to historical city records,  Luke’s remains were moved from Thebes to Constantinople in AD 338; Constantinople was founded by Constantine the Great, twas the new capital of the Roman Empire, during the reign of Emperor Constantius. They were placed in the Church of Holy Apostles along with the relics of Saint Andrew.  The Church of Holy Apostles was later damaged by fire, but the coffins remained unharmed. When the Emperor Justinian rebuilt the church in AD 527, a shrine was erected around Saint Luke’s tomb.  Both historians and anthropologists agree that the skeleton in Padua is indeed the remains of Saint Luke.
And now a part of Saint Luke (the rib closest to his heart) has been returned to his original resting place in Thebes. Of course. minus the skull.. The Catholic's appear to have his skull 'on tour,' right now!! 😆  
Wider shot... Outside shot; (someone needs to mow dat grass!)   A reminder!  There are St. Luke churches in 'nearly' EVERY city imaginable in the world - but only ONE, TRUE, authentic Saint Luke church!.... His!! 😆😂🤣
TO LUKE.. R.I.P.!!  You definitely served & honored God to the FULLEST during your time here on earth!!  Your treasure in heaven, NO DOUBT, was GREAT (and WELL DESERVED!)  Thanks for the books you allowed the Lord to give to us through your hand!!  Indeed - CANNOT WAIT to meet you some sweet day!!  FoSho!!  And hug your neck! 
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