Broken Links..

Me preaching a 'black eyed devil' sermon!!

I ALWAYS LOVED giving the devil a 'black eye'.. As the above photo depicts (me at age 7!) LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!! Just wanted to share..

***BROKEN LINKS UPDATE!!*** I am working fast as possible to fix the links that were broken due to the site I hosted my pics on going belly up! So now I am using Google photos (which I should've been using from the getgo... The process has put a temporary delay on new stories..

New stories to come are 'Temple Mount', The 'Beloved Apostle John', Apostle Matthew, Apostle Luke, & Apostle Mark...

Newly updated & 'broken link FREE' pages are KING JESUS, King David, King Solomon, Samson, Apostle Paul, Noah (& his ark), & Apostle (Simon) Peter... More coming REAL SOON!!! I thank you emmencely for your awesome patience as I work to repair what satan tried to wreck!! What an ass'ole satan is!!

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