/FUN stuff!👍

This page will continue to grow, & contain odd, interesting, OUTLANDISH, &|or FUN stuff, that is worthy, but
doesn't fit into the stories here...

A VERY old, & abandoned😩church.. It's amazing how when ANY building is abandoned - it starts 'near immediately,' to crumble!!

When in Israel - you're bound to see some camels!! I love 'em!! ðŸ˜‹

VERY COOL - Mikvah (baptismal) that was used by the Apostles - around the time ACTS was written.  Pic #2 is of entrance..

🧐 UHHH OH!! ðŸ¤¯ðŸ¤­  Seems that Mister Padre Pio, (or his ðŸ§¤ glove thereof) is the next Catholic world tour!!  Coming VERY SOON.. to your (or a town very near) YOU!! ðŸ˜‚🤣

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