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Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot!!  A 100% thru & true definition of a 'prick', if ever there was!  The 'betrayer' of Jesus.. and IMO.. dumbest of all disciples!!  I mean.. ALL the miracles Jesus did.. He KNEW He was the Son of God.. And all along - he was helping himself to the funds Jesus collected.. Then yet EVEN THOUGH Jesus TOLD him he would  betray Him - He does it anyway.  I think his 'acceptance' of it - is when Satan entered him.  Thus showing us a prime example of JUST how DANGEROUS sin is!  Don't play around with it people!!  SIN is BAAAAD!  Avoid at ALL COSTS!  FoSho!

He betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin for 30 pieces of silver!!  Really unbelievable!  Especially when considered Whom he betrayed.. Was PRICELESS!  Was GOD HIMSELF!!  This is purportedly one of the thirty pieces of silver that Judas betrayed Jesus for!  Something I wouldn't consider worthy to have in my collection.. Mmbut as I had a friend who sold his cats feces on eBay once - to show people will literally buy anything.. (It sold (after a battle between 3 people), for $5.12..  Not too shabby for the fruits of his cats litter box labors!!  Indeed though - showing how gullible folk (or PERVERTED folk), can be!!  Normally I think it'd be horrid taking advantage of folks stupidity.. if the purchase within itself wasn't so horrid!!  I mean.. What is worse??  The pimp selling the prostitute?  Or the sicko buying?  It's a catch 22!  FoSho! Folk cash in anyway they possibly can.. I mean - Judas smoked marijuana??  Who knew?!  Pssssssh!! 

Being that the 'purported' gospel of Judas has been found.. I decided to weigh in and do a story on Mista Judas!!  While I don't dispute the fact that it very well 'could' be the written gospel of Judas..  After all.. Other disciples including Matthew, Mark, Luke, (& my favorite), John have written their own gospels..  There is a reason that Almighty chose to exclude Judas account from the Bible!!  Many reasons exist.. the best reason IMO??  It's a book of lies!!  Really though??  What else would you expect from a disciple who spouted one lie after another??  What is most unbelievable to me?? Is the MAGNITUDE of lies in Judas' gospel.  The writing that Jesus met secretly with Judas to 'ask' him to betray him.  UGGHH!!!  Some accounts I've read say that 'secretly'..  Jesus told Judas that he was indeed making the ULTIMATE sacrifice by betraying the Son of God.. & that his sacrifice would be marveled at thru the ages as above that of Jesus'?!?  The entire 'book of Judas' is riddled with UTTER RIDICULOUSNESS!!  Worse to think about than that??  Is that you just KNOW when this book of lies is released - grade A morons of the highest caliber will no doubt agree & in essence wind up alongside him burning for eternity.. & would absolutely deserve it for believing that stupid nonsense.  With the discovery however.. I now have a clearer understanding of just 'why' God had multiple accounts in the New Testament.. So they would 'match' each others and 'TRUTH' would prevail!  Almighty LOVES truth & justice!! 

Judas Iscariot should MOST CERTAINLY NOT be confused with Judas Thomas (Saint Thomas the Apostle), or with Judas Thaddaeus (Saint Jude Thaddeus), who were also among the Twelve Apostles.  I've often wondered why Jesus didn't throw Judas out of His circle right on his hind end!  I think probably, Jesus was 'hopeful' that he would change his ways.. As I am sure Jesus knew how 'Judas' was - when choosing him as a disciple.  In 'hoping'.. Maybe understanding as well.. Why Jesus put him in charge of the money..


 several different accounts of the death of Judas.. Notably in Matthew & Acts - conflicting with one another.. IMO, & when taking both in combination..) Misinterpretation occurred.  Alas - both are correct - but describe same event but different times.  For example Matthew says 'The coins of silver.. Judas returned to whom he received them from and the 'Field of Blood.. aka Akeldama."  According to Acts (1:18–19) Judas "acquired a field with the reward of his unjust deed, and falling headfirst he burst open in the middle and all his intestines gushed out. I think to say Judas acquired a field with the reward of his unjust deed.. was just as if to say.. 'this was 'the result' of Judas unjust deed..  & in fact - Judas 'DID' return the coins & those whom he returned them to 'KNEW' the coins couldn't be put back into circulation for it was blood money.  Thus - they  bought the field and called it 'Akeldama', or Field of Blood.. BECAUSE of Judas (hence him acquiring it.)  Judas meanwhile, just hung there - his body swelling until the branch he was on snapped & upon him hitting the ground - intestines spilled out.  When the 2 accounts are taken in accord and pieced together - this make the most logical sense.  Horrible as it is.. Issh!

That 'Field of Blood', or 'Akeldama' - is purported to be here, as well as where he hung himself, & the tomb of Judas.. 


Judas story serves as a morbid warning to us all.  Choices matter - so make the 'RIGHT' one!! 

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