Things I love, I say - LOVE!!

Greets to all of you reading this.. This being a new site and all - I feel I should intro myself proper. My name is Tony Nudo. I am from Chattanooga #noogastrong Tennessee. First & foremost - I love JESUS CHRIST with all my soul, flesh, & VERY breathe!! My testimony is a raaather long one which 'it''shouldn't''' be - I aknowledge that!! I came to Christ at age 6. I talk to God - He talks to me. I started (sometimes sneeking out of the house and going to this rather large (it's in actuality a football-esk wheat field) grain field and i'd just lay there and talk to God. I said back then... "I am wondering if you ever hear my rattling (it's a southern thing) & goin' on & on & on!! Recently, (in the last 2 years).. He has SHOWN me that indeed - He DOES hear and He WAS listening. I had forgotten I had said that. So I kinda knew it was God - but stuff that was happening (like I would see this stuff - like scenes of a movie play out in my head...) Now though - stuff that I was seeing waaaay back then in my head.. are coming to pass in reality. 3 times in the past month.. & I am a news editor - so sometimes I look at different news packages NBC sends down the wire and i'm like... 'I have seen hat before. Then it hits me - it haasss!! I save EVERY ONE of these stories and going through each one I saved.. Watching.. Remembering & I am blown away. In ONE story... ONLY ONE THING in one of the NBC News stories I seen (outta ALL of them & there have been 9 so far.) was out of sequence of what I saw in my head. I even remember telling a school kid named Jason Reed once after he said ..'George Bussh is our new President..' I told him...'we will have another actor for a President sometime when we're grown.' He said 'huh?' I think I laughed it off or something after realizing what I'd just said.. & there are other times I've said ..'Lord if this is you.. let this happen.. or that happen.. this & that ALL happened! (BTW - I WANT TO STRESS! YOU SHOULD NOT GO ABOUT DOING THIS!! PLEASE!! REMEMBER THE COMMANDMENT (Thou shall NOT! TEMPT The Lord your God! I did & for reasons known to only Him -(okay & MEEE.. Thanks Jesus!! I love you!)

But so - yeah..

Anyway... to them/you that CAN'T hear from God?! The one question to ponder - His PRECIOUS Word says - 'Be still & know I am The Lord your God! 'Question ONE: Do you WANT to hear from God?? If not get in that heart & mindset - That you WANT to .. 2nd: Are you still? BE STILL... some people I know who've said.. He doesn't talk to me.. Yet they talk solid from the time you get around them. If you talk a lot - I'd try just talking less. Remember - Blessed are the meek. I talk to God & He speaks to me.. But He's been speaking to me so long I don't know what to say... People think your CRAAYYYzee when you tell them God talks to you. He wants to talk to all of us. We're His children.. His self-absorbed, arrogant, stubborn-assed, want it all NOW-kids!! That is what we are. I've been hearing from Him so long & so often.. I sometimes think EVERYONE does.

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