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Are you busted?  Discusted?  Depressed?  Sick? Tired of LIFE in general?  Do you need money?  Protection?  Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired?  Well?  GOOD NEWS!!  It is the GREATEST HONOR of MY LIFE to introduce you to someone who can take care of ALL that!  Whom you can lean on ANYTIME, talk to ANYTIME... Someone who knows EXACTLY what your going through..  His name?   

When I look back at my life - one thing probably stands out the most!!  How 'MISUNDERSTOOD' Jesus is.. My eyes recently have been opened - & for about a week... I was STUNNED!!  I felt jipped!! Everything I knew (or thought I knew), about salvation & God.. Everything I had learned (almost).. WRONG!  Everything I tried to walk out in my life?  WRONG!  Everything I had thought I knew about God?  WRONG!  This, keeping in mind, I have been in church my entire life.. & yet - I thought God was a taskmaster.. Sitting in heaven JUST WAITING for me to mess up, so He could smite me! WRONG!  I have to live a life Holy to be worth anything to God, or to get his attention!  Through MY OWN efforts.. WRONG!  The more I do for God, the more likely He would be to notice me!  WRONG!  WHYYY did I think this??  Because it's years of being molded thru Sunday School.. & Church.. For example?  I had a Sunday School teacher that used to tell us kids that.. 'we'd BETTER be good or we'd go to HELL!'  That used to scare the shit outta me - so I was on my best behavior.  I can't say if that is the 'effect' he was looking for - but it WORKED!  I was on my BEST behavior in Sunday School..  But it was so wrong!  However.. What's to say that my Sunday School teacher, himself..  Didn't really believe that??  Maybe that is what HE HIMSELF had learned.  The result??  Kids growing up scared & trying to hide from God when I would mess up!!  When in fact - God was exactly THE ONE I shoulda been running to in that circumstance!  When we screw up & do wrong??  God doesn't want us running FROM HIM, He wants us running TO HIM..


Now.. I might've learned better in Church when I was older - but after starting life in THAT kinda way - believing God was in fact up in Heaven just waiting to smite me - well?  That kinda made me tune Church out all together.  I mean - from what I had already learned in my short life.. I didn't wanna hear NO MO!!  What if it got worse??  The 'hypocrytes' who stood outside special events taking great care to point out to people that they were going to hell - I thought they were speaking truth for a majority of my life.  After all... to me?  The Gospel was just a big competition to see who could be the holiest.  Oh - and THE BIBLE??  It was just a book full of rules that if you didn't follow ?  You had your ticket punched straight to HELL!!  Fortunataly for me (and so many others - there ARE a lot whether they admit it or not)... NONE of what 'I THOUGHT'.... NONE of it - was true!! 


Jesus said.. 'I have come so that you may have LIFE, & have it more abundant!!'  In looking ALL thru-out the New Testament.. When someone would come out 'against' ANYTHING one of Jesus' deciples were doing, He defended the disciple!  He wants to do the same for YOU!!  One could ACCURATELY say.. Churches in the world have FAILED in presenting the TRUE Gospel of Christ to the world.  Failed in that.. What they have been preaching to their congregations?  Is salvation through YOUR OWN SELF works.. Which was the case in the Old Testament.  God saw that JUST WASN'T working.  That human beings were not strong enough to attain God's favor thru their own merits.  Thus??  Enter Jesus!  Now, if we just ONLY BELIEVE on the name of Jesus - we achieve devine righteousness thru Jesus..  NOTHING YOU CAN DO - except through believing in Jesus, can make you right with God..

God LOVES us and has NEVER wanted to smite ANY of us.. Have you a son??  Are YOU just waiting to smite or punish him/her??  Then WHY would God be waiting to smite or punish us??  He loves US as all parents love their own kids, (only MORE!!!)

 ALL have come short of His precious GLORY.. & THAT is why He loved us SOO much - He sacrificed His ONLY Son.. For us!

See?  God HATES sin.. & the world is FULLL of it!  To Him?  Sin feels the equivalent to Him as it would to us for someone to take a sharp knife and poke us in the gut.  Would you like that??  Of course not..  As YOU would refuse to be around that.. He refuses to be around that... (We ARE, after all, made in hHis image!!);  In fact the WAGES of SIN - are DEATH..  As God will not tolerate sin.. The earth CANNOT contain/be around it...  So He set laws for us, to cleanse us from sin..  In order for sin to be transferred from US to another LIVING THING.. That 'said living thing', must die- so we may then live...(in Biblical days - it was usually a sheep, oxen, or ram - without spot or blemish.  Folks would bring forth a lamb or Oxen or sheep.. The priest would examine it to make sure it was free from deformities, spots, or blemishes..  Then the one who brought it forth would put his hand on it - and the animal was sacrificed..  Transferring the persons sins to the animal - and the person was considered by God - sin free for one year.  After which - the person would have to bring another animal to be sacrificed, to atone for their sin.  For the wages of sin - is death.  In essence - the animal died in that persons place.. For that persons sins.  Then God came up with THE PERFECT system.. The PERFECT plan!  He would send His ONLY Son - to be sacrificed and atone ONCE AND FOR ALL for ALL of our sin.  Thus, all of His beloved creation - would only have to believe in His Son - and ALL sins - were FORGIVEN!  All who 'believe' in His son - He sees thru His Son (who is the PERFECT example of righteousness).. And being that Jesus was raised from the dead, but kept His flesh, body, & blood - thus Jesus' body is continually making blood to atone for ALL our sins.  Whether you know or not.. the body your in?  You will have ultimately - for eternity.. You will look the exact same!!  Only you will look as you did at 23.. & you won't age past that point..  When you die from this life??  You will be separated from your fleshly body for a time - & though your body will rot.. It will regenerate at some point to the way you looked/would have looked at age 23.. (In case you didn't make it to 23..)  If your interested in knowing/learning more about what will Biblically happen to our bodies after death.. I recommend HIGHLY.. The expert of Biblical mysteries.. Check out ANYTHING Perry Stone.. WARNING: He is addicting!! ;) Amen & Amen!


If you would like to attain God's favor.. I would be HONORED & HUMBLED to lead you in a prayer of Salvation...

Just repeat this next paragraph..

Father God??  I recognize I am a sinner.. & that all have come short of Your precious Glory..  But I want to repent of my sins, and answer the call of Jesus knocking.. I am opening the door to my heart and want Him to come into my heart.

I believe Your precious Son, Jesus died for my sins, thus paying for my sins.. & as a result?  I am NOW - no LONGER under the law but under Grace.. Therefore - being JUSTIFIED by FAITH in this prayer.. I have peace with You, Father - through my new Lord.. Your Son - Christ Jesus!  I now believe that thru Christ.. That Your love, Father, is shed abroad in my heart by the awesome Holy Spirit - which has been given to those who come into a relationship with Your Son, Jesus!  Amen & Amen!

If you just prayed that prayer?? PLEASE contact me & let me know.. I would like to PERSONALLY congratulate you...  The contact email linked will notify me instantly.. So I can welcome you into the family of God.  I consider it the GREATEST honor of MY LIFE to welcome you to into The Family of Christ.. And that's why I have it set to immediately notify me - I will stop WHATEVER I am doing when you contact me.  To personally welcome you and I want to give you some free gifts to help start you on your way to a NEW and VICTORIOUS life!! CONGRADULATIONS!! I am so excited that you have made this decision!  Whether you know it or not.. It is the greatest decision you have ever, or will ever make!!

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